I have what is probably a simple question for some, but challenging for me, here it goes:

I have a 1995 Chevy K1500, Extended cab truck.

I am in the process of doing a sound system make over if you will.

I have new door speakers, rear speakers and subs (two of each)

Along with new speakers I have a new deck and three low wattage amps.

The amp(s) wiring is my question?

First amp is a 100 watt amp I am using for the rear speakers (50 watts each L&R)
Second Amp is a 200 Watt Amp for the front door speakers (100 watts each L&R)
Third is a 800 watt amp for the subs, I plan to run as mono 1 channel.

My alternator is 95 or 105 amperes I cannot remember for sure but one of the two.

The amps will all be placed behind the rear seat, and mounted to the rear of the extended cab in the back wall nearest the box, under the back window.

My RCA plugs from my deck (I have pre outs on all three) will run back to the amps.

I am guessing I have to then run all my speaker wires back up front, through a connector of some sort(sorry that was a question)

Can I ground all the amps to chassis ground at their mounting position, or do I need to run an actual ground?

Can I run one large cable back to the amps for power supply and what size should it be?
Can I use one remote wire from my deck and daisy chain them to the individual amps?

Finally, (lol) sorry, but I want this to be a hassle free system, I want to do it correctly, do I need a capacitor, for this low of power usage?