so i asked you guy/gals about help with the right system for my 99 camaro and discovered great brands unknown to the average, "I think i know audio guy". Well subdicted helped me alot.
so i have the right parts just need to know how to power it right.
i have 1 sundown audio amp sax-1200D pushing rms of 1200 to 1 ohms
1 FI Q audio 10" sub for a drivers side stealth enclosure. since i drive a camaro i think one sub will do for now.

my problem is what amp & Sub wiring do i use and how to power it properly.
I do not want any dimming lights or my battery draining in months period, i hear of yellow and red top batterys and well i'm lost on how to power the powerful amp and sub. i don't want to rewire my car for a amp and sub that is for daily personal use and recreation.

What should i do to power up my Camaro voice.

ps. im considering a sundown audio saz 1500d to power the sub.