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Reload Thread: Crrent amp Draw? need help As fast as possible :)

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    Current amp Draw? need help As fast as possible :)

    If I have one amp that does 175x2 rms at 4 ohm load and another that does 200x2rms at 2 ohm load what would be the amp or average amp draw? My components take 130rms and my two subs takes 175 each. I came out with 19 and 16 amps per amp, the smaller number being the smaller amp but is that with me blasting the music or normal volume? I mean I don't know if I should get a 130amp 170 amp or 200 amp HO alternator... I also have a plow and it might be nice with the added amps of maybe a 170 or would a 130 be just fine??? Thanks in advance..
    The two fuses on each are 25 but that would all total up to 100 amps else crutchfield is wrong with there forumla... take the rms double it divided by 13.8 and then divide by 3...
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    Re: Crrent amp Draw? need help As fast as possible :)

    For a rough wag, just add the fuse ratings for the amps together and add 30-40 amp to run the car. Again just a worst case rough guess.

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    Re: Crrent amp Draw? need help As fast as possible :)

    Total current draw is bout 60 amps at your electrical systems idle (12.6volts). 27.7 for the 1st amp and 32 for the 2nd. 150amp alt. should be more than enough.

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