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Reload Thread: Please Help 2010 Chevy Suburban ZR1 - Alpine INA-W900BT, PAC OS-4 harness

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    Please Help 2010 Chevy Suburban ZR1 - Alpine INA-W900BT, PAC OS-4 harness

    Hi, just like the title says, I have a brand new 2010 Chevy Suburban ZR1, had the basic stock AM/FM/CD Player in it with the Bose Speaker System.

    I took it to a local installer to have an Alpine- INA W900BT installed. They used a PAC OS-4 harness Product Details | iPod Integration for your car and More by Pac-Audio - Connecting you to the future

    I checked on it myself, this PAC website claims it is for a 2010 Chevy Suburban.

    They had the truck 2 days, called said it was ready, picked it up, everything seemed to work as expected. I parked the truck in the garage overnight, NOTICING as I walked away the ON STAR lights were still on. Came out next morning and the battery is totally dead. Trickle Charged it the rest of the day until the shop could get me back in to troubleshoot. They took it apart, "re-programmed it" however that is done and sent me on my way, again, everything seemed to work fine.

    Make a long story shorter, this has been going on for a month now. It's gotten to the point that I have to take the cable off the terminal so that I have a battery the next day to start the car. They hooked up multi-meters and they have shown for some reason there is a continuous draw on the battery for some reason that neither the shop or PAC rep can figure out. Here I am in the middle with no car half the time and the other half they just put back in my old stock stereo to continue to research the problem. Meanwhile I have all this money tied up in a head unit and wiring and labor, yet I don't have the radio that I paid for.

    Have any of you installers, experts, anybody come across a situation like this??? It's maddening. This is a professional shop also, it is not some guys garage. They are just as frustrated as I am. I just can't wait, that's why I'm doing anything possible to find an answer to this.

    Please, if anyone is familiar with this type of problem, please HELP!!!!!

    Thanks, Joe

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    Re: Please Help 2010 Chevy Suburban ZR1 - Alpine INA-W900BT, PAC OS-4 harness

    I've run into this type of problem before. If you put a 12 volt light bulb in series with the negative battery terminal it will only light if there's parasitic draw (IIRC). So what I did was hooked the light bulb up (it lit obviously) and started pulling fuses in the fuse panel. This will at least help you narrow it down because you will know which system it's in at least. In the end instead of tracing down the problem I just wired in a relay that would break that circuit every time the car was shut off (like pulling the fuse every time I shut the car off).

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