Hey, i have an alpine cda-117e running 2 type r 12" subs from an alpine pdx1.1000, and for the fronts i have a set of pioneer splits up front and type r coaxials in the back doors powered by an alpine pdx-f6.

I have been over my wiring and conections, also the headunit grounds and power. The amps have a 4 guage run each and the speakers have 12 or 14 guage wire going to them.

The battery is an optima yellowtop, and a 110A alt.

The problem im having with this headunit is that when i am pushing everything at high volumes (the max i can go without clipping) after about 30 seconds into the song with bass hitting hard, my entire front set of speakers cut out. I have to then turn the deck off , and on again and it fixes my problem.

I never had this problem with my last deck, the only reason i upgraded is to run 3 preouts for mid speakers, do u think the problem is with my settings or wiring? or is it a deck problem.
The other problem i have with the deck is when i run it from cd, it will skip randomly without any vibration disturbing it, not very often, but it is anoying and i run all my music from usb now.

Also i should add, my pdx-f6 is not going into protect mode, and all seems fine with the amp, if you can give us a hand at all id be very greatful cheers, dan.