I just recently bought a 12" Dual Sub that runs 300 RMS/500 Peak, two Legacy 10" Subs that run 200RMS/400 Peak, a Dual 400w Mono Amp, and a Legacy 300w 4ch amp. I also bought two 8 gauge wiring kits for the amps. My plan was to install these myself (I've only done research on how to do it never actually installed subs/amps) but realized I didn't know how to hookup a 2 amp system. I resolved myself to pay somebody to install them though and Best Buy was my first choice since they quoted me $50 for the installation of 3 subs/2amps. Once I got there though they quoted me $375 so needless to say I walked out. I know this system is far from top of the line but I just want a working system and don't want to spend too much to get them installed. Are there any Indianapolis or Bloomington area installers that can do this for around 50 to 100 bucks? I built my own box for it and it looks good enough so I don't care much about looks just want a quality install for cheap. Any help? Also does this system sound like it has enough power? My plan was to bridge the channels on the 300w 4ch amp to send 150w to each 10" sub and run the 400w mono amp to the 12" sub.