Hey everyone. I recently had a 1600 watt Lanzar Vibe Pro Series two-channel amplifier (81$ on Amazon) overheat on me, and I was curious how to wire the new one I have ordered. Please if you could tell me everything that you possibly know about wiring this, keeping the new amp from overheating, keeping the sub from blowing, and how to get the best sound out of this setup. I ordered a Pioneer GM-7500M 800 Watt Mono-block amp, (250$ on Best Buy, but I got on sale for 150$), soon after my other one overheated and all the wiring from the old amp and everything is still in my car behind the sub. Can I use all the same wires and everything for the change in channels and wattage? The sub woofer is a Pioneer 10" Championship PRO Series Dual 2Ohms sub in a Ported box. I'm supposedly getting the amp from UPS today and I hopefully can hook it up right and get it sounding good. Can I use the old wires from the Lanzar and mount it in the same space or do I need to rewire the amp differently?? Please if you can tell me how to get it sounding good. (my head unit is a Pioneer)

Also can someone tell me which amp will have sounded better with this sub?

If anyone actually takes the time to read that,
bless you.