I currently have a sound system setup in my car, it includes:
1 Kenwood KDC-MP442U (22 rms x 4 to speakers)
2 Infinity 6x9's 300W 2 Ohm speakers
2 Infinity 6.5's 180W 2 Ohm speakers
2 Infinity tweeters
2 Jl w0 10" subs (with custom box)
1 Hitron 1000W mono block amp powering the subs

I had all of this installed professionally, and thus need a little help on my addition. I am planning on adding a four channel amp to my Speakers, i have done quite a bit of research but just want as much advice as possible. I am planning on changing my battery terminal so i can add more than one power wire for the amp. I understand how to ground and do the power wire for the new amp, but need help with the RCA's (can i just run it from the out of the mono block amp to the 4 ch?), splitting the remote wire (all you do is expose it and attach the other wire to it?), and most importantly wiring the speakers (Planning on using 16 gauge Monster speaker wire). How would i go about adding this amp. Maybe not needed, but this is all installed in a 09 toyota tacoma.

Side note: Could anyone recommend an affordable amp that will work well for my purpose?

Thanks in advance -b0mboms