I'm new here, so please forgive if I'm doing something wrong in posting this... Anyway...

K, so after 2 rewires, I am officially stumped about what's wrong. Pretty much, one day, I was driving with my friend, and I turned my sub down to the 0 level so we could talk (I've got one of those remote volume things) and when I turned it back up, the sub didn't do anything. Normally, I'd assume I blew the amp or something, but as it turns out, I was driving a few days later, and, miraculously, the sub worked, full steam. (Until I turned the car off, then it wouldn't turn back on.) I hadn't touched anything, and it just worked. This has happened a few times. So I figured I'd rewire the thing, maybe there was a short. I got done with all the wiring, and it worked, on the way to work... But absolutely dead on the way back.

Color me confused.

I'm running a Rockford Fosgate Prime R500-1 (500 Watt mono amp) to a RF P3D412 (1000 watt 12" dual voice wired at 2 ohms) and I've had this setup for about a year. No problems until recently, when I had to replace the fuse casing because a poor connection melted the plastic. It worked for a few weeks after that. Anyway, I've done about every test I can think of and I can't, for the life of me, figure out why it's doing this.

-Power cable is live.
-Ground is Grounded (And makes sparks when accidentally touched to power cable. Lol)
-I'm reading 2 ohms resistance across the sub.
-The main fuse is good.
-The fuses in the amp are good. (Although there is a white film on one of them. I couldn't read continuity through it, but the plug in is tight, and had cut grooves in the fuse, past the film. I'm assuming that's enough)
-The volume knob works as far as I can tell, as well as the cable leading from it to the amp. (I was reading variable resistances as I turned the knob, but I don't know if they're the right ones.)
-The RCA cables aren't shorted (Continuity tested both)
-I'm reading about 13 volts across the remote power line (Batteries vary, right? But this means my battery isn't dying)
-Dials on the amp aren't turned to 0.
-It's not heat related (It wouldn't turn on at midnight on a cool night, on the way home from work.)

Anything I forgot?

When it's not working I don't even get a power LED lit up on the amp, so I'm pretty sure its not an issue with the sub itself. Only thing I can think of is that the amp just isn't getting told to turn on, even though I can read a voltage across the remote line. Either that or there's something wrong with the remote volume knob that I didn't see in my testing. Can anyone with this amp quickly verify whether or not the power LED turns off if the volume is at 0? As well as if the amp turns on when the volume knob is disconnected, cause I tried it like that and saw no difference. Just my thoughts on the matter. Of course, It could be an internal amp issue (Which I don't know how to test), and so that's why I come to you with high hopes and a prayer. Lol.

Anyone had a similar issue? I really really dont want to have to buy a new amp, no room in the budget atm, and my music is pathetic sans subwoofer.