I have just purchased a MTX Terminator TNP212D from the pawn shop for $150. The guy I purchased it from has been a straight shooter with me in the past.
I hooked up this kit in my 96 Cherokee with 4AWG Power and Grounds. I have a remote wire from the JVC KD-R200 headunit that came with the truck when I bought it. There is a switch that is installed and turned on in the middle of that remote line.

I tested with a multimeter the remote line and power line at the amp and have 12v.

The problem I am having is no matter how much I crank up the settings or volume on the headunit the base is very low in volume. It's almost like the amp is not getting the music loud enough, if that makes sense. I know the RCA's I used worked in my 240SX before I pulled them out. The amp has 3 solid red lights on top, and MTX customer service indicates that means a good power status.

If there is anything else that someone would need to know please let me know. This is my first post, and I found this site while trying to fix the issue I'm having. Thank you in advance.