Trying to figure out a good single amp setup for 2x RF Punch Stage 3 15" subs. Id rather get the dual 4 ohm's (mostly because they're $30 cheaper lol) but the dual 2 ohms are an option.
Amp shouldn't be more than $200 and should be able to throw them pretty hard, thinking those subs can take from 750-1000 watts daily(not too sure about that though.) But if anyone has any ideas for a good amp setup/more info Id greatly appreciate it.
Trying to put the subs in a 2.75 cube box tuned at 28-32 hz. Porbably going with 32 since i found box plans for one on here (stickys rox) but not sure how itll sound
before i get flamed too id just like to say im no expert at car audio but im trying to learn the ropes