I have some questions about hooking up the imprint. The instructions are not all that clear.

My current setup is as follows:
- Alpine iDA-X305S HU
- 4 channel amp connected to components in the front and coaxials in the rear
- Mono amp connected to two subwoofers.
-Sirius SC-C1 tuner and Alpine KCA-SC100 Interface
-- The KCA-SC100 is connected to the HU through the AI-NEt connection.
-- The KCA-SC100 has an Ai-Net pass-through connection

Imprint: PXA-H100 with KTX-H100 tuning kit

1. Can I connect the imprint to the KCA-SC100 AI-Net pass-through or does it have to be connected directly into the HU? The imprint has an AI-Net pass-through but from what I understand, only the cd changer should be connected into the imprint AI-NET pass-through.

2. Does the imprint have to always have a constant electrical connection (i.e. when the engine is off, there is still power) or can I have it connected so it only comes on when the radio is on?

3. Once I use the mic and software to get a curve, do I disconnect the imprint (i.e. the power and connections to the amps) or do I keep it connected. I guess I am confused if the sound will now go through the imprint to the amps or if I still need to run the sound from the rca's in back of the HU to the amps and thus disconnect the imprint's rca connection to the amps.

Thank you.