hey guys...im noobish with wiring up amps so, im turning to you guys for help. ok heres the setup:

5.25" mb quart rsd213 comps up front
4" mb quart rkc 110 coaxials in the rear ( yeah i know theyre small...bimmers and their tiny rear decks )
v12 mrv-??? alpine 4 channel for the interiors
8.0.1 phoenix gold mono amp for the sub
12" phoenix gold ti12d

here we go... what im wondering is how to wire the amp together since i only have one set of rca's from the HU. also... do i remove the factory speaker wires to the interiors and just wire up the speaker wire from the amp to them or do i splice the factory speaker wires and attach the speaker wires from amp to them? and finally, im lost on what settings to put the amps on when wired together ( set 4 channel on lp/lp and mono on by/by ? etc...) sorry about the confusing post, help would be appreciated greatly. thanks.