Alright, I have a pair of CDT Audio HD-62CV component speakers. I had them running off my four channel amp (PPI 4400) without the crossovers just to see how they sound. It was only temporary and now I want to put in the xover. My understanding of the xover is this: connect the amp to the amp/in terminal in the xover, and the xover sends the watts from the amp to the mid and tweet that are connected to this xover. Using both of the xovers with the tweets and mids connected, I will only be using two speaker terminals on the amp. This leaves two open ones. My question is that if I dont run them in bridged mode, how do I know how many watts they will recieve? Do I just divide the RMS in non-bridged mode by two? And if I do run them bridged, do I divide the bridged RMS by two then? If I am wrong on the wiring, and you are suposed to use all four terminals somehow, let me know.