A yes I have a kicker zx850.4 4 channel, well It has 2 amps on it, 1 for each side and Im thinking of Runing amp 1 to power my mids, and use amp 2 to run the highs, tweeters? well Each amp has its own crossover, hi, lo, and off, now can i just use those crossovers to run straight to each componet, and not use the speaker extrernal crossovers?, since I will run each, mid and high seperatly on each amp? just use amp 1 set to lows to run mids, and have amp 2 set to high running the tweeters? would that work without having to wire up to each componet crossover? also my rca question is, The 4 channel amp will run my componets up front, both front and rear inputs, well I will have to run my 4 channel rcas to the amp, now can I just use 2 rca inputs to the amp and both sides will still work or do i need all 4 rcas hooked to each input, and also my kenwood ddx812 deck has a front, rear, center, and sub inputs, I will have to run to the front and rear on my 4 channel, then I also have a kicker zx150.2 2 channel amp and its just laying around not being used so i was thinking to run it on a set of 6x9s, well the problem is is how would i run some rcas to the deck since the front and rear will be used up by the 4 channel, the only one left empty will be the center channel and it only has one Input, could i just use one input from the RCAS, and would the amp still work? thanks