My amp is currently powering my 12" sub. For some reason the sub gets the hardest hit from being plugged into channel 1's - port and channel 2's - port. so that's how i have the sub wired, and i get a lot of popping and whatnot from my door speakers because the bass is turned up on the headunit and is sending the bass to the door speakers as well as the sub.

I figured i could just d/c the wires between the door speakers and the head unit and run a wire from the door speakers to the amp using channels 3 and 4. when I do that i get absolutely no sound other than bass coming from the sub. I had channels 3 and 4 switched to HP. and then I tried connecting the wires from the door speakers to the radio wires and also connecting the amp wires to that, and when i touch the wires to the ports on the amp, it cuts out the audio other than bass.

Am I wiring something wrong or is my amp just messed up?