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Reload Thread: Amp/Speaker Wiring Configuration Advice LONG LIST SORRY

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    Amp/Speaker Wiring Configuration Advice LONG LIST SORRY

    im lookin at how i should wire all the speakers in my car.
    fronts are 35w rms x2 @ 4ohms
    rears are 90w rms x2 @ 4ohms
    sub is 400w rms x1 @ 4ohms

    now the amps im lookin at for the sub are:
    there is a 2 channel that does 500w rms x1 channel @ 4ohms bridged,
    or the monoblock that does 300w rms x1 channel @ 4ohms
    i am most likely going to go with the first amp i listed, unless theres some information about bridging that'll convince me otherwise

    My real question is how to power the fronts and rears, while keeping the rears safe from clipping.

    Here are the options i was looking at, and if anyone can offer some insight as to which idea is better, please let me know..

    there is an amp that does 170w RMS x2 channel @ 4ohms, and what i wanna do is wire the front left speaker and rear left speaker onto the left channel, and the front right speaker and rear right speaker onto the right channel. are there any dangers to doing this? i understand that ill be losing out on front/rear fading.

    the only other option i can see is using a 4 channel that does 60w rms x4 @ 4ohms, which isnt fully powering the rears and to my understanding is risking clipping.

    and the last thing is if i wanted to add tweeters with crossovers (65w rms x2 @ 4ohms) id be completely lost on where to get the power from for those, so for now im ruling them out

    I also had the crazy idea of trying to bridge the channels on my head unit so that the front speakers are being completely powered by the that possible? the head unit gives 22w rms x4 @4ohms..that way i could use the tweeters with crossovers with the speaker amp..

    i know very drawn out list and im sorry ive just got a very specific list of parts and speakers and hopes for how i can set them up in the most efficient rather not run three amps i think my car would explode!

    any questions that anyone can answer would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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    Re: Amp/Speaker Wiring Configuration Advice LONG LIST SORRY

    bridge the sub amp like you said, and get a four chan amp at 150rms per channel. just turn the gain down on the front. Done deal.

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