Hey Guys.

A couple of months ago my stock HU went out, and I thought that it was just dead. I had a 100W 4 channel hooked up to it for well over 3-4 years with no issues = must be a dead head unit. Saved up some money and got an Eclipse AVN6610 from a friend w/ipod adapter and bluetooth calling adapter as well. Installed it all and everything was working and I was stoked that I had a radio again.
3 weeks of driving, and even earlier today was good, but when I just jumped back into my car >>>> IT'S NOT WORKING.... Just like the stock HU. Fuse that goes to the radio / clock still good. If anyone can help me out and give me any suggestions on what/where to check, please do. I just forked over too much money for this HU to be bunked out also. I'm not a pro installer, but I've installed amps / speakers in 3 of my cars in the past.
I really hope the HU isn't another expensive paper weight.

2002 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner extended cab, V6