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Reload Thread: 4x10" to 6x9" adapter help

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    4x10" to 6x9" adapter help

    I drive a 1984 Buick Regal Limited 4 door.

    The rear speakers are 4x10, and today I bought some 6x9s and a 4x10 to 6x9 adapter. Unfortunatly, due to the way the old speakers were in, I can't quite figure out how to install the new ones.

    First, you have this bracket thing that held the old speaker in. The one end with the tabs went into some spaces, and then the little clip thing clipped into a thingy to hold it. (bad description, I know). Now, this works fine for the old speaker. However, the new speaker is too tall and with the speaker in you can't clip the bracket in. Now, I believe the blue 4x10 to 6x9 adapter goes on to of the speaker, right? Not sure about that.

    The speaker directions show screwing the speaker in, and I suppose that screwing the speaker and adapter in would be a great solution, if there were any screw holes where the speaker goes.

    I've installed the 3.5s in the front fine, but these are proving a problem. My dad thinks that cuttting may be required, but I hope not. :/

    Any ideas? If you need more pictures or a better description let me know. (It's probably something really stupid that I'm just overlooking...)

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    Re: 4x10" to 6x9" adapter help

    Ha, I had the same problem with my Cutlass Ciera. The easiest thing to do is build a baffle. Make it a little bigger than your 6x9, making sure you have enough clearance to fit some bolts around the edges but have it still fit underneath the hole. Use a router to flush mount the speaker in the baffle, then drill down through the deck and through the baffle. Put some big bolts in there and a lock/flat washer and you're good to go.

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