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    question about my eclipse HU

    i have recently put in an eclipse 5303r, and all is well, but i was wondering what something is, it is a little metal box, maybe 1.5 inches square, attached to the back of the headunit by a foot of cable, the instructions didnt say what it is, of anything, but it does not have any connectors on it, all the conectors for the dsp/eq are a plug in the unit, so i dont know what this other thing is for, the unit is installed, and works fine, i was just wondering, thought someone here might know

    eclipse 5303r
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    Audiobahn 12's - 5.25 components
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    as far as I know.....from my 55040 which has the very same box, it is some kind of noise surpressor......however it does say to keep it away from all signal cables....this is almost impossible when your antenna is run on one side and the signal cables on the other, but I did my best. Like I said though I think it is a noise surpressor or something to do with the tuner side of things

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