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Reload Thread: Adding speakers-new amp or run in parallel?

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    Adding speakers-new amp or run in parallel?

    I've got 3 amps, 1 for the sub, and 1 each for the front and back, which are about 150rmsx2. I have 2 6 1/2" CDT HD61's that I'll put up front(will replace my Alpines), but there are cutouts already there for 4" speakers on each side up front, in addition to the 6 1/2's. I'd like to add 4" midbass drivers in there, which take about 80-100rms.

    Now should I forget about rear fill and use the rear amp to power the 4 inch speakers? Or should I run them in parallel w/ the 6 1/2's? The amp is stable @ 2 ohms if necessary. Thanks.

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    Re: Adding speakers-new amp or run in parallel?

    I deinitely would not wire your speakers in parallel, perhaps an impedance matching crossover that would allow you to use both sets of speakers on one amp would create a more linear sound on your front fill. You dont want to leave out the rear fill as it is crucial to proper staging. good luck

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    Re: Adding speakers-new amp or run in parallel?

    4" midbass? 100 watts? :hilarious

    You won't find 4" speakers that will keep up with 6.5's. If you put them in parallel you'll have to hipass them so high that the 6.5's midbass will ****. Plus you won't be able to power 6.5's to where they want to be. Amp them separately and use the HU rear channels for the rear fill.

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