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    Icon32 really dumb x-over question

    i'm pretty new to the audio industry, and am still trying to learn the ropes. this may seem like a dumb question, but remember, i am still learning. if your deck or amp or eq is already equipped with a x-over, and you had a pair of components, would you need the x-overs that came with the components? what are the advantages of a digital x-over? thanks for your help!


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    well basicly you dont have to have an external xover if your amp has one....but i would still recomend using it cause if you have one crossover it will cut out the freq. you dont want and send the clean sound to the amp then the amp doesnt have to work as hard to try to filter out those other sounds so the amp can concentrate on amplifying the clean sound....

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    If you have components, then yes you need to use the provided x-over. The components x-over will direct the proper frequencies to the appropriate driver.

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