Here is the situation:

I have a head-unit with 3 sets of pre-amp outputs. it's the ida-x100. I recently have been upgrading my system. I had a pdx1.1000 running 2 alpine type rs, a hifonics 8408 4-channel running 2 pairs of 6.5" alpine type-r components (2 in the front and 2 in the back). The 8408 had a set of pre-amp outputs on it, so i used it as a pass through to another 2 channel amp (****** temporary cheap one) that ran to 2 infinity 6x9s. I have a scion tC so the 6.5" type-Rs were where the stock speakers went in the front doors and rear panels. The infinitys I have are mounted in the top of a custom sub box (separate sealed compartment for the speakers obviously) in the back which acts as a kind rear deck since the car is a hatchback. I have the remote wire to power the 2 channel connected to a switch in the front since i don't want to always have them on, only when i want to really blast it.

So, I have upgraded to 3 pdx amps (the pdx1.1000 which i had before, but now I have a pdx4.150 for the 6.5"s and a pdx2.150 for the infinitys). Neither the pdx 4-channel nor 2-channel have pre-amp outs so I can no longer chain signal from amp to amp. I also want to be still be able to control the front and rear 6.5" speakers from the stereo, if possible.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to wire this set-up, mostly concerned with the signal wires. I have 3 sets of pre-amp outs and have 4 sets of inputs that need a good signal. I don't want to lose voltage either, It's not really worth upgrading everything if I'm going to start losing quality from it. I have seen all these custom systems using handfuls of amps and just don't know how exactly they are wiring all these. Power is not really an issue at all, I just hoped someone with more experience could share how to get these signal wires figured out. Any help would be appreciated. I also don't have like thousands of dollars to throw at this project either, but if it's necessary then it's necessary. Thanks in advance for the help!