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    Icon32 Car Amp Not turning on

    I have just recently installed an amp in my car. its a 400 watt max amp. I hooked it up to all the right specifications, but when i try to turn it on it turns on for split seconds, then turns off. could my power wire, not be thick enough? i know my amp works, becasue i had a friend test it in his car. Does it really matter where you ground the car and if not groundly properly could this cause it not to work? if anyone can help me figure out the problem it would be great. Thanks, Robert

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    Re: Car Amp Not turning on

    Yes, the ground is very important. Make sure you're grounding to the chassis, the surface is sanded down to bare metal, and the connection is secure.

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    Re: Car Amp Not turning on

    If it turns on for a second and shuts off I would suspect that the speaker wires are shorted. If you'r running subwoofers from it you could have too much load (low ohms) for the amp to handle.

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