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Reload Thread: Brand New High Output Alternator Whine

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    Brand New High Output Alternator Whine (searched)

    Hey all been a while, but i have a slight issue. I just installed a high output alternator in my car. Now i get a high pitched whine sound just from my alternator, not through my speakers at all and only when the rpms go above 3000. I checked the charging and its right at 14.4 volts give or take at all engine speeds, its putting out the right amount of amps that it was tested to do. Problem is i have no experience with high output alternators, but have heard this is normal, but want to make sure.

    Can anyone lend me some advice on this?, Has this happened to you, and is this in fact normal with high output alternators. I have the big 3 done in 1/0ga as well before anyone asks.

    Thanks in advance for any help here. Btw i did search but i dont think its working, i get nothing but a blank page for results.
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