I just wired my new sub (pioneer 10" DVC) 2ohm to a 400w crunch amp bridged. Head unit pioneer 8400. Anyways...when i first start my car the sub make a lot of noise as if music was playing (but definately not to the music) like it is popping back and forth and after 5-6 seconds it starts going with the music...but ever 10 minutes or so it will pop a few times and cut off and eventually fade back in. Now the subs voice coils are 4ohm...I have it wired +-+ and - to- and then one +to the amp and the opposite - to the amp. I tried just wiring it to the first channel of my amp and it did the same thing...i tried the second channel and it did not work(something wrong with the amp?) and finally i have it bridged which works, but still does this problem. Is this my wiring or is my amp messed up? Anyone know where to get a decent amp for this sub (350w RMS) for under $100?