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    Newbie that could use install help

    Ok, this is a little tricky and I could use some help. This is what I've got. I have a 94 Nissan Maxima with the retarded bose system in it. I don't have the money right now to replace the whole system, but I am installing a new Kenwood KDC-X969. But I'm going to use the Bose speakers and existing amps. Because I'm limited on funds with a new baby on the way, I've decided not to use the pac adapter either, but to hard wire the unit into the car. Now, I've been told by others that I can splice RCA cables into the wires running to the bose amps and hook them up to my front and rear preouts along with my amp and subs. My question is when I'm splicing the RCA's into the bose wires, what is the exact procedure. I know the RCA's have an inner wire covered by a thin sheild and then wire covering the shield. Well, I haven't taken a look at the bose wires yet, but I'm pretty sure the wires leading to the bose amps don't have these two parts. So I guess I'm wondering if I just hook up the inner wire to these leads or do I connect both the inner and outer wires to the amp leads. Sorry so long.

    I've installed many decks before with wiring harness and some that I've had to hard wire, but I haven't went this route before. Any help, suggestions and or instructions will be helpfull, thanks.

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    Re: Newbie that could use install help

    In a bose system each speaker has its own amp.......usually the thinner awg wires on the plugs are the signal cables. I strongly recommend you go out and spend the $15 on a wiring harness and then get a LOC if you plan on using the bose amps.

    And if you do ever upgrade your speakers....remember to bypass the bose amps. You can simply do this by removing the plug into the speaker pods and cap off the power to the amp and just use the speaker line directly to the speaker. (don't plug it back into the pod )

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    Re: Newbie that could use install help

    Dude, get the bose interface..Trust me..youll need it. I have installed a many of them. Its worth the money.

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