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Reload Thread: Speaker and Sub to Amp wiring question (ohms)

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    Speaker and Sub to Amp wiring question (ohms)

    This is probably an easy one for most but, I am putting in a small system into my daily driver. With doing this I want to make sure everything gets wired correctly as far as the ohms of it all is concerned. This is what I have:

    Alpine components up front (4ohm)

    Alpine Coaxials in back (3.8/4ohm)

    Rockford Fosgate 12" sub in the trunk (8ohm)

    All coming back to a 5 channel amp that can do 4ohm and 2 ohm configurations.

    Now, I am no wiz at ohms so I want to make sure I have wired the speakers and sub correctly. For the speakers I did not think I could wire them any other way than how I did. Just positive and negative all the way back to the amp. As for the sub I do not really know what to do here.

    So, should I try and run it all with the same ohms, 2, 4, whatever? If not, what is the best way to wire this setup, what difference does it make and how would I do it. Thank you.

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    Re: Speaker and Sub to Amp wiring question (ohms)

    So, this amp has a dedicated sub channel? What amp is it? Is your sub a dual voice coil sub? You probably don't have wiring options really if all your speakers have one set of terminals on them(Single voice coil). In that case, you just hook each speaker up to an individual channel.

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