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Reload Thread: 0/1 ga wire in my 2000 Blazer

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    0/1 ga wire in my 2000 Blazer

    Has anyone here ran 0/1 gauge from front to rear on a 2nd Gen Blazer?

    I have a 2000 Blazer and I want to run 0/1 from the front to the rear and connect my 3 Optima Yellow cells,
    from them to the Power Distribution Blocks, then smaller gauge to each of devices.

    I need to find a place to run it throught the firewall, but I don't se a lot of places to drill a 1" hole...

    The reason I want 0/1 gauge and 3 extra batterys is that my audio system will put out about 3500-4000 watts and then the airbag setup has 2 compressers that draw 23 amps each.

    Also, I go to alot of car shows and I want as much parking lot time as possible.

    I don't want to run say 2gauge or smaller and then have to go through all this again and upgrade... That and I have the 0/1 Gauge already..

    This will be fused at the front and rear and I will also be adding a HI Output Alternator and maybe a Battery Isolater if needed.

    I have posted this question to a few other boards and didn't really get much help.

    I've either got, You don't need 0/1 gauge or its easy...

    Any help would be great.


    Here are a few pics of my Blazer.

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    there should be like a grommet (sp) in the firewall. It's just a black patch, and u should run it thru there.

    if u need to drilll a hole just make sure when u drill u dont drill something dat u r not supposed to, ie: wires.

    it can be a ***** to pass the wire thru or something, but once it goes from the engine bay to the inside it's easy after taht

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