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    Icon32 need help choosing a system

    I have a 1975 ford truck regular cab. the gas tank is right behind the seat. i need to put in a kick *** system if you know what i mean i listen to country, rock, and some rap could you give me an ideah of what i can do to get the best system

    thanks daryl

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    Hey dude got the skinny here for ya.First get your self a good 4 channel amp .Rockford,jl,ppi.orion,kicker,etc. around 50 X4 or so with built in X-over . run half to some separates and the other half to some Kicker RMB 8" midbass.I think they would fit in your door.Check them out at You may have to do custom door panels.I would also dynamat the heck out of your doors and put foam speaker pods behind the 5 or 6 mid so that the 8" wont affect its sound.This would ROCK. If done correctly.Good luck.Rob..P.S. you could always use a good two-way instead of separates.And run the 8" at about 100 hz or so.

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    If I remember right you have a lot of room under the seat. I have built a box for two 10's under the seat fireing upwards. You will need a good amp around 400-500 watts 4ch. Bridge two ch's to the subs. Make sure the subs are 8ohm or duel 4ohm so you can get the right ohm load on the amp. remember that when you bridge an amp it see's half of what you have. EX. 4ohm load on the meter would yeild a 2ohm load on the amp. Don't take a bridged amp below 4ohm. For the main system I would go with a good pair of seperate's for the doors. The deck is going to be fun to install. The heater controls use the shaft mounts for the radio. when you cut them out to fit a din style deck you have to make new mounts for the heater controls. You can also remove the gas tank from behind the seat and put in a tank under the bed. It is a lot safer and gives you a lot more room behind the seat to bulid what ever you want for a sub system. Good luck and have fun building.

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