I'm trying to wire up a 1993 Mustang dome light in my 1989 Mustang. The 1989s only had one power hookup for when someone opened the door, the 1993s add 2 more map lights that you can turn on and off.

Ok a guy gave me these pictures and right now basically, i'm just trying to get the 2 map lights to work. He told me this:

In the second pic the bottom left screw has a constant power source ( i used the original maplight as the source). Top bolt goes directly to stock power (when door open) source and the bottom right is ground. You'll have to ground the courtesy light lightbulb i used the same ground but disconnected one side by breaking off the metal piece.

I don't know what he's talking about by breaking off a metal clip for the ground. I really don't know crap about wiring. Can someone give me some guidance. I don't know where I should hook up for constant power either.

closer view (no wiring on it in this pic)