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Reload Thread: Stupid Americans and their cars

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    Icon32 Stupid Americans and their cars

    Alright, i love my american car, but i knew the subject would get some people to view the thread lol.
    anyways, its a1991 Mercury Cougar LS with teh JBL ford premium audio speakers still in it.
    My question is, does anyone know how to ge tinto the **** side (front or rear) panels to get at teh speakers tehmselves?
    thanks, any links to diagrams or anyhting at all would be appreciated! thanks

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    Well, Wonderbread, I think you're going to have take the hole door skin off to access your speakers. I have a Grand Am and thats how I had to access my door speakers.

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    It's true, you'll need to de-skin that door to get at the factory speakers. Just be sure you don't lose any of the clips, if you have manual roll-down windows. If you have power windows (which I'm guessing you do, this is a Merc, after all) just unscrew the controls, and all other visible screws in the armrests, by the door handles, etc. and make sure you remember which screws go where. Be gentle with that door skin, because the plug clips have a tendency to break easier with age, and it ***** when your door skin flaps around while the door is open.

    If you need a diagram, I know Crutchfield has pretty good resources...unfortunately, I don't...I'm keeping the premium sound in my SHO.

    Hope this helps in some way!

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    i have 95 cougar xr7 and its not that may be different than my car but the front speakers can be taken out by removing the power controls on the doors with a screw driver prying it away from the door then simply take out the mesh screen on the door by moving the tabs on it from the inside, the rear speakers in my car arent so difficult, just covered by a fabric cover which can also just be pryed from the panel

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