I have constructed a box that is a couple cubic inches shy of being 6 cubic feet. It houses 4 Crunch pros. (300w rms.) Amazingly, I managed to stuff this thing into the trunk of my Cavalier. One of the subs blew when it was in my old car, so I cut out the voice coil, reattached the dust cap, and made it into a passive for the other three subs. I am pushing them with an oiginal RF Punch 200. The two channels are bridge and the three subs are wired in series. The exact ohms....not sure.....I believe it's below 1. The frequency, not to mention the power, I get out of the box is amazing....26-34Hz...crystal clear. (below 26Hz it starts to distort but is audible to ~18Hz) I have been running this set up for over a year and have not expierenced a single problem. The rest of system consists of a RF Punch 800 pushig a set of MB Quartz 5.25 in the rear and a set of MB Quartz 6.5 up front, Sony full logic tape deck (in the market to up grade), and a Sony 10 disc changer.

The reason I'm writing this is because I have read a lot of threds on porting boxes; size, placement, freq. But I have not see anyone talk about passives. Are they a big No-No that I'm missing out on? Does anyone out there support my idea?

What I have found out about passives is that they are already tuned and they're placement does not matter.