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Reload Thread: Help!! New Legend Owner - Speaker Problems (No Sound)

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    Help!! New Legend Owner - Speaker Problems (No Sound)

    1st of all I'd just like to say that I just bought my first car !!, a beautiful 1992 Rosewood Brown Acura Legend LS (don't have a digital camera).

    Anyway, the previous owner had an aftermarket system (KENWOOD x579 deck,BOSTON f/r speakers,amp,subs) installed,He told me he would keep the deck and the front/rear speakers in the car but was gonna take the amp and sub.

    So now I am stuck with NO SOUND at all in the car.Its really hard to enjoy my ride with no music.I until i have some $$$ I would be fine with just music from my speakers without buying a sub & amp.

    I know nothing about audio systems but all that's left in the trunk is the rca cables coming from the head unit that's supposed to connect to the amp,& some other wires.Was wondering how exactly do i get the headunit to power my inside speakers? Do I have to splice those RCA cables and connect them somewhere?

    I also tried to just connect those 3 unplugged things back into the stock Bose amp (they were just laying there unplugged),which did create just a low hiss in the speakers.

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    Re: Help!! New Legend Owner - Speaker Problems (No Sound)

    if its all wired to the amp that was removed, you have a few choices:
    1: run new wire from head unit to speakers
    2: buy a 4ch amp and use existing wiring

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    Re: Help!! New Legend Owner - Speaker Problems (No Sound)

    unplug the bose plugs...most bose amps run speakers from a different ohm load than aftermarket usually 1ohm speakers...the factory speakers are designed to match the amps....

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