I have a 1995 altima which has been passed down through both my brothers and I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction of what I should buy to get this car's sound system to work.

One problem is I don't know the watts of the subwoofer. It's a box with 2 10? inch JL Audio subs.

The amp is a Olympus VIII 440watt 4 channel amplifier. Seen here

The speakers in the car one day died out on me when I was blasting music. The speakers inside the car now sound like a ****** 1950s radio. Yet the subwoofer is still working.

So I opened up the hood to check the inline fuse holder for the gauge wire? or whatever it's called. The fuse holder had been melted and damaged.

Should I get a new gauge wire? with the fuse holder and what kind of wire should I get because I am not sure of the watts of the sub. I also have a really old battery that's corroding, should that be replaced also?