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Reload Thread: Phoenix Gold M100 clipping??

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    Phoenix Gold M100 clipping??

    I have a phoenix gold m100 pushing two kicker comp vr 12's. The other day I was listening to a cd the amp shut off. After examining the problem it turned out to be that when I plugged in the right rca from the eq the amp would clip and the power would turn off and on. With just the left side hooked up the amp worked fine. I took the amp apart and found nothing burnt up or any broken solders. The amp will play at a very low volume with no problem with both sides hooked up but when I turn the volume up the amp turns off. Does anybody have any suggestions on what this could be or how to fix it. Thanks

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    I had the same problem with my amplifier. After a long time trying to find the problem I discovered that my earth was not properly attached to a solid metal part of the body.

    Try the following:

    1. Check your earth and see if it properly connected and not loose, remember your earth wire must be short.

    2. If your head unit has a way of boosting the audio signal and you have it turned full on the head unit, turn the settings down. Example would be people who turn the SLA up to maximum on their pioneer headunits.

    3. Check your input level on your amp. Remember this is not a VOLUME control. The input level should be adjusted for the best sound, e.g right audio signal level and not for loudness. Most recommendations are to turn your headunits volume to near maximum and then adjust the input level to get the right sound. Don't increase the input level on the amp to more then 75% cause this is when problems start occuring.

    4. See if your power and earth wire need to be changed for bigger and more powerful ones.

    5. If you are still having problems with clipping after this try turning the bass boost of on the amp if you have one, as this draws massive amounts of current from your battery.

    I hope this sorts your problem out.

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    I had a Phoenix Gold M100 and after awhile a similar thing happaned to me, But my amp was just shuting off and turning back on without it being hot. The install was all good, I sold the amp to someone that knew how to fix amps and I took the money and added some of my own and bought A PPI Amp and never had that problem again.

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