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    sub + amp compatibility

    I have a question for all you sound experts out there! I have an old Punch series 1-158 15" sub that I want to amplify. RMS on this sub is 150w and peak 300w with ohms tested at 7.3ohms or 8. One of the sales guys at my local audio store is trying to sell me a db drive A275; 2-channel (2 x 75w @ 4ohms; 2 x 150w @ 2 ohms; 1 x 350w @ 4 ohms bridged) amplifer. Side note: I've never heard of db drive have any of you? FYI: Their website is

    Anyway, my question is with an RMS of 150w can I amplify this woofer with this amp. They guy at the store said I would probably not get all 350w bridged. So how do I know how much I'll be getting bridged. I like the sound of them briged! Something else to consider is that while I bust this speaker up I have another one.

    Don't have enough room on my truck for both! I eventually want to move up to an 8" bazooka or Punch tube. But I don't have that kinda dough. For now I have these two and will use one at a time for spaces sake. When I destroy these two and get the money I'll move up. What I also like about the db drive amp is that it comes a remote base control to put under the dash! Cool! Sorry for the big post!

    Could use any help!

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    never heard of them saw the website, from the tech specs they seem to make average products, nothing special. how much you getting charged?

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