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    Power Numbers with Speakers

    If I had two DVC 2 ohms per voice coil speakers that were say, 350 watts RMS per coil. That would put total RMS at 1400 watts for the two speakers. If I ran these is series and parrallel to get the ohm load to 2 ohms, What wattage amp should I get???? A 1400 watt X 1 amp or should I just get a 350 watt X 1 amp. Does more speakers allow for a more powerful amp? It seems to me that a 1400 watt amp would DESTROY 4 350 watt voice coils. Please Teach me. TR

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    If you wire them in a series/parallel config. then you have a ton of amp options..If you have two DVC subs then you effectively need a 1400 watt amp you can go smaller but 1400 would be fine if they are rated for 350RMS.. More speakers will be louder but only because of the added cone area not necessarily because you have power..I hope that helps.


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