Hi guys,

First post. I really need help here. I purchased a new vehicle (mazda 3 GT) and my previous vehicle was a 95 jetta gls.. i had my panasonic flip up head unit in my jetta running an amp for the subs and an amp for the speakers... everything worked fine the whole time I had it. I recently decided to pull everything out of my jetta and put it in my mazda. I purchased proper wiring harnesses, and when everything was done it all sounded great.

The only difference in my mazda was that the speakers in the car (stock speakers) are wired to the head unit, instead of an amp like in my jetta. I noticed the first day the audio cut out for about 25 minutes, all I could hear was the subs. I turned down the volume but same thing. Then all the sudden the audio came back on. 1 week later I am very lucky to get audio for more then 10 minutes a day, all I hear is subs. I double checked all my wiring today, everything looks good. I really cannot find the problem, it doesn't sound like a short, there is no crackling... and when i bang the dash or turn corners it doesn't make a difference, the headunit just decides when it wants to output audio and it is very rare. I am at my last resort at taking the head unit to a service center. But I thought I would ask you guys in case their is anything I could be missing?

I appreciate the help