I just installed two 10" JL Audio 10w3's in my car. I used a store bought sealed box and it sounds pretty good, but, (here's the problem) when I watch both subs with the volume up, one moves (bounces) alot more than the other. I checked all outside connections. I checked RCA's at the amp, Speaker wire at the Amp, and the speaker wire at the box. I know it's getting some juice, because when I unplugged the weak speaker at the box I heard some drop-off in sound (bass). I have done some installs in the past, but it has been a while. I was a little confused by the Dual Voice Coils on the Subs. There were 4 Plugs on each side of the Sub (two + and two -) (for a total of eight). I'm running them at four ohms. According to the directions I should have connected one positive and one negative to each other, with the other two (postive and negative) going to the connector and out of the box. As far as the two it says to hook together(+ and -), should I connect both the postive and negative sides of the speaker wire to one side and in turn do the same on the other side of the speaker or do i just need one half of my speaker wire to connect a postive and a negative? I know sounds very confusing, drawing a picture would be much easier. Am I trying to address something that may not be the problem? Any help would be great. Thanks, Steve