I've looked everywhere and well the Aviator was only around for 3 model years and clearly are not modified much so info is very limited. So here it goes, I have a 4 channel amp and a mono with speaker level inputs. I've taken out the right rear panel and located the stock amp and the woofer. I don't see a woofer amp, wires are going straight to the woofer cone and I can't tell where they come from... The harness that hooks up to the stock amp, coming from the hu i assume, looks like it has the 4 separate channels going into the amp plus all the power and ground wires of course. Ideally I would like to use these and not have to go the speaker level route by catching them right after the amp. So i guess my questions are as follows: 1. Where is the stock sub getting power from? 2. Is the harness coming from the hu a 4 channel speakerwire style low level input into the stock amp. Or is it a proprietary signal that my amp couldn't recognize? 3. If it is low level could i use the speaker level inputs on my amp or would i have to convert them to rca? I will be keeping the stock hu, so If anyone has any information or even a better idea than what I'm thinking I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!