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    (scratches his head) is it possible?

    Im hooking up subs and amp in my there any way when installing line output converter to not have to disconnect two of midrange speakers....cause i am just putting in subs and keeping the rest of factory...i have 8 speakers(factory) but i dont wanna disconnect any of them in order to hook up amp...lemme know!

    Hey and what kind of sealed box should i get for two kicker comp VR 12 Dual 4 ohms? Should i get particle board or MDF...hatch style, powerwedge, wedge and what kinda of internal volume per chamber? going for hard hitting loud clean bass

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    well first off you can splice the wires if you want but by doing so you will be vastly reducing the amount of power ( and consequently the quality of sound ) that those particular speakers the other option is to upgrade to a better deck which will have rca outputs and you can just run the rca cable fromthe deck to the amp that is the easest way to get clean sound to the amp...and as for the kicker box mdf is pretty good and the cubic feet of space i would advise checking out and check out the recomended specs on the speaker you have.

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    yea but my factory deck is an in-dash 6 disc CD changer with dolby digital and it is really pretty good....if i splice the wires will i make the sound quality to the amp really bad?? or will it just lower the wattage going to the speakers and thats all?

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    it will jus lower the power that the speakers shouldnt do much to the amp....

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