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    Anybody do an install in a new Cougar?

    I just bought a 2000 Mercury Cougar and I want to hook up my old system I took out of my truck

    I have
    2 JL15w6's
    A MMATTS D200 Amplifier
    1 Farad Capacitor

    I was hoping to get some installation ideas or tips on firing positions
    I am actually just going to use 1 sub
    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated


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    yea a NEW cougar set's up like an sn3 'stang that's 94-98 best way to get optimal sounds is to place the box at the farthest end of the trunk aimed toward the front of the car.... the proof is me and all my brother have sn3 stangs , and the stereos in all are different, i am running the weakest amp with the sorriest set of rf 10's there ever was and i can still out bump all of them.............................

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    My advice is to put the subs as far back in the trunk as you can get them,
    maybe mount the amp on the back of the seat. Face the subs towards the back of the car. A friend of mine has a MTX setup like that and is one of the loudest systems I have ever heard.
    2 tens and I think about a 400 or 500 watt amp. Her system is off the chain and I know its because of the way her trunk is and the way she has it set up.

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