I have a 2003 VW Passat with the Double DIN Monsoon system.

I wish to have both an OE type CD Changer and an XM radio attached. Ventura Technology and SoundGate both have adapters that allow some possibilities of getting both to work, but not for this application. The Ventura Tech stuff has to use an aftermarket changer and XM radio of the same brand. SoundGate just doesn't have an appropriate application.

So, I'm left rolling my own.

Basically I need a line-level switch between the two components. Since the XM radio has an on/off switch and the changer is always on, I should be able to drive the switch using the presence of audio on the XM radio RCAs when power is turned on, or the presence of current. All I need is a piece of hardware that will do this.

I have found one device that might do the job. Its a peripheral Electronics SS2P. But, i'm not sure it will do the job. Here is a link with a description.

Product SS2P

If someone has a better idea or has done this before, I would appreciate some advise.

Also, the CD changer i will be using is OE volkswagen, but intended for a 2002 or earlier car and the conectorization is different. They are electrically the same, just different connectors.