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    need help fast

    i've got a 1000 watt crunch amp and 3 JL 12's W0 i believe they are 4 ohm 250 peak and 2 1997 punch 12's the subs are in different boxes 2 and 3 subs my question is what is the best way to wire it up to sound the best the amp is [email protected] [email protected] and [email protected] punch's peak at 200 will they handle 250 crunch watts and the 3 JL's how do i wire them to the amp paralle or series explain how to and could i hook all 5 subs off of 2 channels or just the punch's or JL's thanks
    e-mail me @ [email protected] another question the head unit i got has 5.5volt pre amp outs and the amps imput is 4v will it hurt the amp thanks again

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    like i have said thing to do is match amps rms output w/ speakers rms input as close as possible....

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