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Reload Thread: Long time no See!

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    Long time no See!


    My car was running well after I let CC install 2 subs & a amp(on my profile) and
    like a couple of days later my car wont start up. I know you guys are thinking
    why is he tellin me suttin about an engine problem?? Thats the thing theres no problem w/ my engine or my internal cpu. Its an electrical problem & the first thing they asked me
    cuz I had to take it to the dealership & they wanted to know who's the last person to mess with/fix/repair/work on ur car. I told them CC and the guy who worked on it
    (nuttin personal if ur on da board man...but u or sumbody u know F upped my car u know)
    When I say that I mean the dealership told me that the wires were tampered with & that its possible that theres a short in a wire harness or suttin like dat & for total repair w/ parts and labor w/them it will cost me +$700. Now I know that may not be much to u guys who are rollin in da dough, but Im a college student trying to make ends meet so. Just thought that I would share that w/ yall since yall talkin bout nobody postin anything. I would post but I dont like to post unless I have anything good to post about. U know!!

    ***Note Too all the people on da board who bump there sys***
    ***Take good care of it & luv it while u hav it cuz when u dont have one it sux
    big time...Trust me..I've been ridin around w/stock urr thing & it sux but
    some people have it worst then me so I must be greatful for urrthing
    that I do have & u should be too.......Peace!!!

    --JVC CD/MP3 CD Player
    --2 "Shiny" 12 inch MTX Subs 6000 series
    --"Looking for an Amp to push my subs"
    --Stock speakers but soon to alarm, Eclipse speakers,amps, Dynamat, and much much more!

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    go to CC, talk to the manager..
    if their guy did something that's going to cost you money, you might be able to work something out...

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    Add me if you have any questions!
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    I woke up one morning and found a cop at my door telling me he found my car on fire in the middle of the desert.
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    Some people have told me that the chrome reflects sunlight, therefore the amp doesn't get as hot as others. Is this true?

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