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Reload Thread: Ok, What wires are what, I cut the stock harness connector:(

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    Ok, What wires are what, I cut the stock harness connector:(

    ok i got a 89 toyota camry. I tried to be a smart *** and install myself. I cannot get my cd player to light up because i dunno what wires do what.. I had 2 harness things. one i guess were all speaker and orthers power. power one had 5 wires, red yellow, black. and a white one with red dots and a white one wit a green line on it. Please tell me what to you. My HU is a alpine 7856.

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    u should only have a total of 11 wires to cut assuming u have 4 speakers, but u may find more, i dont know exactly how ur stock stereo works. u should have had 8 speaker wires, a ground, remote and power. black USUALLY indicates ground, and red usually indicates power. ur speakers should be all right next to each other with left and right front next to each other, and right and left back next to each other. i dont know how much this will help ur situation, but if i were u, i'd just start touching wires after i figured out the power, ground and remote to figure out which wires are for which speaker. u may wanna try taking the head unit up to the battery and figure out which is power and ground there.

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    okay here is the deal take a small battery (aa) maybe and touch one wire in the harness you believe to be the speaker harness and put it on either end of the battery. Then one at a time take each remaining wire and touch them to the other end of the battery. Do this untill you hear a static or pop sound over a speaker. When you do the two wires on the battery are for that speaker. Now to be sure you get all your speakers in phase......there will probably be a common mark on all of the speaker wires this is usually the ground, or if you can see the speaker wires on the rear deck speakers maybe you will be able to figure out the pos neg..........Now for the power side ......get a test light or a meter, and probe all wires with ignition off the one that shows power will go to the constant wire or memory on the new deck, now turn the lights on and probe all wires again the one that shows power will probably be the illumination, turn the lights on and off to check, if the test light goes on and off when you turn the lights on and off that is the one, next find switched power by probing all wires remaining with ignition on, when the test light lights up turn ignition off and the test light should go on and off with the ignition. then check for ground, hook the ground lead to the constant wire and probe all other wires with ignition off when you find ground the test light should light up. Now you may have a wire or so left if you have a power will know when you give the deck power weather your antenna goes up or not.

    Well try this and let me know how it goes.

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    brown - ground to black of aftermarket deck
    blue/yellow - 12v switched to red
    gray - 12v constant to yellow

    pink - right front + to gray
    purple - right front - to gray/black

    light green - left front + to white
    blue - left front - to white/black

    red - right rear + to purple
    white - right rear - to purple/black

    black - left rear + to green
    yellow - left rear - to green/black

    I'm 95% sure on these colors although I might have the speaker locations mixed up (i.e front left may be front right etc..)
    You should verify wires with multi-meter.

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