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    do I have enough power?

    I am finally putting my system in on tuesday first thing the subs that I have are rated to handle up to 1100 watts but I am only putting 250 ( Boston acoustic pro 10s) will the 250 a piece be enough to get the kind of performance out of them that they say they will produce? and next the mids and highs I have infinity coaxis going in the stock speaker holes but I only have a two channel amp. either a ppi2300 or a ppi2100 I was planning on running the speakers in the doors off the amp and the rears off the deck or should I run all four off the bigger ppi amp I don't care about fading but is it not a good idea to run four speakers off of a two channel amp will it run hot or what. please help I have till tuesday to decide what to do

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    First off you can run the Bostons off the 250watts but keep the gains very low so as not to push the amp into clipping. Next you can run front and rears off a 2 ohm stable amp but I would just power the front off the amp and the rears off the deck for a better sound stage.
    I would seriously look into more power for the Bostons though..

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