I'm going to do an amp rack (more like wall) in my civic so I can get the amps a little more out of the way, and also tidy up the wiring. My plan is pretty simple: to place a rectangular shaped peice of 1/2" MDF that is 15" tall x 36" wide. I will drill two 1" holes in it and run wires from behind it to my amps which will be secured to the "wall". The amps and wall will be behind the subwoofer & box. I was thinking that for simplicity, I would use some l-brackets that have a length of about 3", enough room for the amps to have clearance from the speaker box. I would secure the subbox & amp wall together with the l-bracket, that way the wall wouldn't fall over. This method also allows me to attach distribution blocks to the backside of the wall (my rear seats have a slant, giving me about 5" gap between the backside of the wall & seatbacks in the middle), and also I could install the h701 processor I plan on getting soon to the wall as well, thus making it easy to connect to the power & ground blocks. I have 2 concerns I would like opinions on:
1. Room for the pressure to escape. I'm worried if I wall off the seatbacks, I won't be able to feel the pressure from the subwoofer inside the cabin. I *would* take out my rear speakers, but I'd like to keep them for 5.1 when I get the h701.
2. My plan would be a bit troublesome if I needed to take out the box. It would probably be hard to reach up in there and unscrew the l-brackets. Is there an easier way to secure the wall that I'm not thinking of right now?

Like I said, it's a pretty simple design. However, it would accomplish what I want: securing amps, hiding wires, and freeing up some space.