I have read a couple threads about intalling twelves in the trunk of a mustang please let me know how I have a 98 gt with the mach 460 and in the trunk there is a plastic shield or something I haven't taken the time to find out what it is for, I am assuming that it is for the mids in the back dash and I am also assuming that those are two factory amps on either side of the trunk needless to say I plan on scrapping those and as for the mids I have infinities to replace all the factory speakers and as for the subs I need to get a box for two Boston Acoustic 10s in there but I measured and there is only about 12 inches from top to bottom because of that plastic thing however the subs only ask for .5 cubic feet but if i could build the box taller then there will still be room for that body I have in there Just kidding there is only golf clubs in the back I guess my real question is can I take that thing out of the trunk? any help would be helpful one last thing I recently went to a shop here in town and to put in two amps replace the factory speakers and build and mount a box for the tens and put in a deck and pre amp total was around 1100 dollars does anyone think that is high even though this particular shop has the rep for doing the highest end stuff around?